December 4, 2011

I can be a good . . . .

1) ..Listener
I will lend you my ear to hear everything that you want to say..
if you want to cry i will lend my shoulder for you..
keep staring your eyes and your dancing lips..
At last i understand what is your meaning..

2) ..Adviser
I will give a suitable answer to relieve all your pains..
if you want my anytime i will be there..
keep giving a perfect medicine for you heart..
At last i know that you are in love..

3) ..Entertainer
I will strike my vocal to your deep heart if you're not well..
if you want my tones to sleep your beautiful eyes..i will dear..
keep launching my stuff to make you happier..
At last i feel something is not right..

4) ..Admire
I will follow your life day and night to make sure you're alright..
if you want my eyes to watch and read all your post..its okay kawan..
keep drowning in your notes to light up your life..
At last i fell in love with you..

5) ..Lover
I will give a full attention to you MY JANTUNG HATi..
if you want me during you're in cold i will be your blanket..
keep loving you till the end of my breath..
At last you and me together as one in our love story..

Come and get close to me because this FIVE character is in me..
i really hope that bloggie !..

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