December 9, 2011

Stay with my vision ! (unfriend you)

i dont care what people say..because this is myself and no one can change it..i am not really desperate to sacrifice all my vision to you..leave all my notes and songs just i am fall for you..i believe that one day i will meet someone that is more than you that time i dont think i will fall for are too greedy and dont really care what i am feel to you..go ahead !!!.. go away from my life..delete me from your friend list..i am not suitable to be friend with you are better than me..but i dont think that you are good enough..just a little girl..big stalker..snobbish messy girl..let me go from your life..because i dont want to be friend with those who smile in front of me..but stabbed me at behind..please deleting me !.. i am really hurt !!.. really feel that i am being bare !!.. trapped lonely in my heart !!..

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